Question About Parts Diagram For Michelin Hydraulic Floor Jack


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What’s The Best Compact Automobile Jack

Is it a scissor jack? Hydraulic? Bottle-type? My goal: 1) To replace the flimsy jack that came with my car. So, a replacement must be easy sein.2) would go to basic maintenance (oil changes, brakes, etc) with Jack steht.3) Ideally, this is under $ 50. ... Read more

How Can I Fix My 2 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

The problem is that it gets to a certain height and does not lift any higher. when i pump the handle i can hear a gurgling sound. I just bought it and there was already fluid inside when there was not supposed to be ... Read more

Is There Any Thing That Can Be Added To A Hydraulic Car Jack To Fix The Seals

I bought a 3 ton hydraulic jack from kmart a few years back,figuring if i bought a 3 ton for 80 dollars it would last longer than the 2 ton jacks sold for $16+ dollars,i hardly ever used it,then while lowering a compact car [well less ... Read more

Why Will My Tire Not Lift Off The Ground When I Try To Jack It Up

I have a Nissan Quest van and I am trying to do a brake job on it. However, when I try to jack it up the car and springs raise up but the tire will not leave the ground. I have fully extended the ... Read more

Is It Safe To Use Wood To Make Floor Jack Go Higher

Is it safe to put a solid piece or pieces of wood between the jack pad/saddle and car to get a higher lift? Using jack stands to hold car after. The more room under the car the better. It'd be nice to have a ... Read more

What’s The Best Way To Lift A Bike

I am going to install rear axle nut covers to my '06 H-D Softail Duece and the one important thing I have to do is get the rear tire off the ground. How do I go about jacking up the bike so I can install it? For ... Read more

What Does A Hydraulic Car Jack Do When Being Lowered Like With The Piston And The Fluid

What does a hydraulic car jack do when being lowered like with the piston and the fluid? ... Read more