Question About P0300 Random Misfire 2001 Chevy Prizm


My 97 Z24 Backfires Like Crazy

Asked on May 21, 2010 I got a code for p0300 random misfire. Could it be the Ignition Coils or Coil cover(what gm part dealer calls the battleship)? i have new plugs and the coil adapters. Also i was wondering could a malfunctioning knock sensor cause a misfire ... Read more


Asked on Jun 19, 2010 I have a 2000 Honda Prelude that keeps throwing trouble codes. Code for P0300 random multiple misfire and P1399 Random cylinder misfire. I just replaced the whole ignition system with msd parts: NGK iridium plugs, msd 8.5 mm super conductor wires, msd cap and rotor, msd ... Read more

99 Civic Si, Cylinder Misfire, Help Please

Asked on Aug 16, 2010 Ok.. It's throwing codes p0300-p0304 and p1399, in other words, its a random cylinder misfire on all cylinders. I have changed out the distributor, spark plugs, wires, pcv valve, fuel filter, o2 sensor, had valves re-adjusted, new valve cover gasket, Compression test was done and had ... Read more

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Asked on Aug 24, 2010 2001 chevy prizm no gauge lights or running/tail lights...the fuse is new and the bulbs are good, any ideas? ... Read more

Can A Knock Sensor Cause A Misfire 03 Audi A4 1.8t

Asked on Jul 8, 2010 I have intermittent misfire, coils,spark plugs, injectors all have been checked. Brought it to couple dealers and nobody cant figure it out. When I drive there is no misfire, when I come up to a stop sign then it starts misfiring. Scanning with vag-com does not ... Read more

How To Repair Diagnostic Engine Misfire And O2 Sensor Fail

Asked on Jul 22, 2010 My 2001 Chevy Silverado has it's check engine light on reporting a cylinder 8 misfire (twice) and knock sensor 2 fail... I am pretty new to auto repairs and not very familiar with anything other than regular maintenance. What steps should I take to fix the ... Read more

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Asked on May 12, 2010 Hi! I have a 1999 VW Beetle with a Check Engine Light on. I had it hooked up to the computer and got back three codes: P0300 Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected P0302 Cylinder no. 2 misfire detected P0303 Cylinder no. 3 misfire detected About a month ago my car was ... Read more