Question About Olds 307 Engines Modifications


Small Block Chevy Questions

Asked on Jun 5, 2010 Okay, I have a 307 engine from a 1970 El Camino. First, the heads of a 350 and A 307 the same as in bolt up to each other (a lot of parts for commercial purposes, headers, intake, sales, etc.)? What is a good way for ... Read more

Tips On An Olds 307 What To Keep An Eye On, Best Way To Maintain. Any Mods To Up Hp W/o Losing MPG

Asked on May 18, 2010 It's in an 85 Buick LeSabre. Currently has 198,000 miles. Runs smooth, though 2 vacuum lines are missing. I plugged them with a bolt until I locate their destinations. Does anyone know what mileage these engines last and any tips to keeping ... Read more

2002 Peugeot 307 2 Litre Diesel Piston Problem

Asked on Jul 30, 2010 Hi everyone I've an 02 Peugeot 307 and was told the pistons are gone in it. There is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust so I want to get it fixed A.S.A.P. The garage told me I'd be better off getting a second hand ... Read more

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Asked on May 8, 2010 I am planning on building an Eclipse/Talon from the ground up. It will have a new transmission, engine, wheels, brakes, exhaust, ect. I want to know what all engines can fit in the car with no modifications? what can fit with modification? What is the mot ... Read more

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1970 Chevelle Restoration

Asked on May 14, 2010 I am in the process of restoring my 1970 Chevelle Malibu 307. It came with the fender trim that runs along the peak of the fender from the cowl to the front of the fender... a couple years back the trim was stolen off of the ... Read more