Question About Oil Leak Chevy 350 Intake Manifold


Where Could This Oil Leak Be Originating From

Asked on Aug 9, 2010 Its a chevy 350 5.7 TBI. The oil leak is coming from the rear of the engine right under the rear of the intake manifold but above where the tranny meets the engine. Its for suire not the valve covers or the distributor gasket both of ... Read more

Got A Oil Leak, But Don’t Know Where

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 I have a oil leak somewhere on my 93 Chevy 350 5.7 liter the general are it is coming from is top half of the engine block in the back near the bottom of the distributor almost where the tranny meets the engine. Ive replaced the ... Read more

1988 Lincoln Town Car Distributor/intake Manifold Gaskets

Asked on Aug 6, 2010 I have to do the intake manifold gaskets. and need to know if the distributor goes through the intake manifold? and if it does not go through the intake manifold, is it possible to get the intake manifold out without removing the distributor? i have to do ... Read more

Oil In Intake Tubing

Asked on Jan 21, 2012 I have oil in my intake tubing going from my cold air intake to the manifold. what could be causing this, what else could be not working properly or need replaced that matches this symptom and how should i go about stopping the leak(the oil coming ... Read more

1989 Corvette Intake Manifold Oil Leak

Asked on Jul 3, 2010 I think I have an intake manifold gasket leak I am wanting to replace it myself with a buddy of mine who was a certified meachanic for 10 years BUT I feel bad because this guy always "helps" me on everything (i do 10% of the ... Read more

My Engine Is Making A Loud Noise, It Is A 68′ Camaro With A 71’73′ Chevy 350 Engine. What Is Wrong

Asked on Aug 18, 2010 My chevy 350 engine is making a loud wineing sound....What is it? I Just got doing a lot of stuff to my engine, now when i start it up it makes this loud wineing WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE right next to the vacum advance of the distributor, but its ... Read more

Is StopLeak In The Engine Oil A Good Idea

Asked on May 17, 2010 Last time I used Stop-Leak for a radiator leak it clogged up my cooling system pretty bad. Now it looks like i have a gasket leak on the side of the intake manifold and even though I tightened up the bolts it persists. I ... Read more