Question About My Car Has A Rattling Noise At Front Passenger Side Stops When Accelerating


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Cv Joint Problem Wheel Bearing Maybe Help Please

So i am trying to diagnose a problem on my 02 nissan sentra se-r Spec V. The noise is coming from my passenger side front brake/tire area. First off, let me tell you that I have just put brand new rotors and brake pads on ... Read more

Knocking Or Rattling Sound From Front Of Car

I have a knocking sound coming from the front of my 2000 accord. It occurs when driving straight or turning left but not right. The noise also occurs when in drive sitting still with the brakes on. Sometimes the noise can be slightly ... Read more

Why Is My Honda Civic Making A Tiny Rattling Noise

I have a 2000 Honda Civic that make a rattling noise whenever I accelerate. It only happens when I start hitting around 25 - 30 MPH and lasts for 2 or 3 seconds. If I stop accelerating, it goes away. It doesn't come ... Read more

Front Tires Making Rattling Noise.

I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse and just today had the front brakes replaced. A friend of mine who did it for me also took off the rotors to check them. After getting the rotors back on, new pads and the tires back on my car ... Read more

What Is The Rattling Noise Coming From The Car

This particularly gets louder when I accelerate uphill ... however If I put my foot right down on the gas pedal then the rattling stops? I am not car savvy, but I am taking the car into the shop tomorrow for new brakes pads and would ... Read more

Grinding Noise Front Passenger Tire On 2WD 2003 Xterra

This noise is pretty loud and really only happens when the car is going straight and usually above 10mph. The noise actually stops when I'm braking so it's not the brake pad. I thought it was the CV halfshaft needing to be replaced because that's what ... Read more

I Have A 2001 Honda Civic And The Front Leftdriver Side Leans Farther To Ground Then Right Its Not Even

On my honda civic the front left side like by headlight leans down i dont know why like its not even all the way across the front like i can step back and look at it and it just leaning down? it doesnt really pull at ... Read more