Question About Mobil 1 In A Briggs Stratton


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Help With 5hp Briggs And Stratton Motor…

I have a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. It is hard to start exremly and if it does not begin at last, it is normal idle, but when I press the gas it dies. It will not accept any fuel. Throttle has an empty feeling. ... Read more

Do Briggs&stratton Or Honda Riding Mower V Twins Have Full Pressure Lubrication With Oil Pump

Is that true? or a trowel on the connecting rod or full pressure lube with oil filter ... Read more

I Am Looking For A Cheap Briggs And Stratton 5 Hp Go Kart Engine Parts But Not From On Ebay

I do not want from on ebay and i just want other website and i am just looking for cheap gasket set, oil seals, intake & exhaust valves, piston assembly, connecting rod, fuel tank, and Carburetor. i just want find cheap $$$. ... Read more

Does J B WELD Work To Fix A Cracked Engine Block

I throw a rod in my mower. right thought the block!!!! its a 21 horse v twin Briggs & stratton. i've taken it a part ,and found the broken pieces of the piston rod. other than the hole in the case all ... Read more

Too Much Compression, But Why

Im working on a briggs and stratton 17.5hp motor.. Connecting rod shattered and I replaced it, and the piston rings. Timed the crank and cam.. Now when I try to start it, there is too much compression.. If I take out, the plug it turns over ... Read more

Where Is The Governor And How Do I Remove It From A Small Engine

I have an MTD 14.5hp 42" shift-on-the-go lawn mower. I'm making a racing lawn mower and I need to remove the governor. Its a 14.5hp 28ci ohv Briggs and Stratton Industrial/Commercial vertical shaft engine. Dont worry about the flywheel, piston, rod, and crankshaft because Im putting ... Read more

Is My Briggs And Stratton Crankshaft Usable As Is

I forked up and started a brand-new B & S engine without checking the oil first. Never mind why, I thought I had already checked it and I was busy, preoccupied, and pissed-off at the time and just messed up. So I tore it ... Read more