Question About Mobil 1 In A Briggs Stratton


Help With 5hp Briggs And Stratton Motor…

Asked on Jun 7, 2010 I have a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. It is hard to start exremly and if it does not begin at last, it is normal idle, but when I press the gas it dies. It will not accept any fuel. Throttle has an empty feeling. ... Read more

Do Briggs&stratton Or Honda Riding Mower V Twins Have Full Pressure Lubrication With Oil Pump

Asked on Jun 3, 2010 Is that true? or a trowel on the connecting rod or full pressure lube with oil filter ... Read more

I Am Looking For A Cheap Briggs And Stratton 5 Hp Go Kart Engine Parts But Not From On Ebay

Asked on May 30, 2010 I do not want from on ebay and i just want other website and i am just looking for cheap gasket set, oil seals, intake & exhaust valves, piston assembly, connecting rod, fuel tank, and Carburetor. i just want find cheap $$$. ... Read more

Does J B WELD Work To Fix A Cracked Engine Block

Asked on May 13, 2010 I throw a rod in my mower. right thought the block!!!! its a 21 horse v twin Briggs & stratton. i've taken it a part ,and found the broken pieces of the piston rod. other than the hole in the case all ... Read more

Too Much Compression, But Why

Asked on Jul 2, 2010 Im working on a briggs and stratton 17.5hp motor.. Connecting rod shattered and I replaced it, and the piston rings. Timed the crank and cam.. Now when I try to start it, there is too much compression.. If I take out, the plug it turns over ... Read more

Where Is The Governor And How Do I Remove It From A Small Engine

Asked on May 13, 2010 I have an MTD 14.5hp 42" shift-on-the-go lawn mower. I'm making a racing lawn mower and I need to remove the governor. Its a 14.5hp 28ci ohv Briggs and Stratton Industrial/Commercial vertical shaft engine. Dont worry about the flywheel, piston, rod, and crankshaft because Im putting ... Read more

Is My Briggs And Stratton Crankshaft Usable As Is

Asked on Jun 30, 2010 I forked up and started a brand-new B & S engine without checking the oil first. Never mind why, I thought I had already checked it and I was busy, preoccupied, and pissed-off at the time and just messed up. So I tore it ... Read more