Question About Mitsubishi Eclipse Wont Start After Overheating


Does A 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Have A Distributor Cap

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 Does a 1995 mitsubishi eclipse have a distributor cap? I am not sure... my mom wants me to get it changed if it does because everytime it is raining or wet out then my car likes to try to shut off while I am driving down ... Read more

Where Can I Find A Fog Light For My 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Asked on Sep 6, 2010 My 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse (GS 4 Cyl 2.0 L) has a broken fog light on the driver's side. On all the websites all I have found is "Fog light bulbs" for sale. I need "fog lights." If anyone knows of a website or a place i ... Read more

Are 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Good

Asked on Sep 2, 2010 My Parents recetly got me a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with the OZ Edition Rims and it's all power.. it's a 2.0L DOCH 4 Cylinder Engine with 140HP and it's automatic, Leather, 17" Wheels, 106.000K but one problem there's a little noise everytime i acelerate and let ... Read more

I Just Installed A Timing Belt And A Balance Shaft Belt In My Car And It Still Wont Start What Could It Be

Asked on Aug 5, 2010 People tell me that i didnt set it right but i did and others say i might need a distributor it a 19967 mitsubishi galant it a 1996 mitsubishi galant ... Read more

2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. I Have Parts On And Want More.

Asked on Apr 22, 2010 I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. It has a FTO Engine with MIVEC heads, Stage 2 ACT Clutch, HKS EXhaust, OBX Headers,310CC Venom Fuel Injectors,Injen Short Ram Cold AIR, Short throw shift kit, and a air freshner hanging off my rear view mirror. What else ... Read more

Can My Eclipse Take 20psi Right Now

Asked on May 19, 2010 Im about to buy a new 1997 eclipse gst. Twin Cam Performance.= 6 bolt swap,with all new accessories WP,timing components,seals, 160 psi in all 4 cylinders. act clutch kit 2100lb, EVO III turbo, 680cc fuel injectors, Super-AFC II, FMIC & piping, greddy type-s BOV, greddy turbo ... Read more

I Have A 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8 Liter Engine Nonturbo And Have Recently Been Having An Overheating Probl

Asked on Jun 28, 2010 I have a 1992 mitsubishi eclipse 1.8 liter engine non-turbo and have recently been having an overheating problem. I had recently been having this problem soon after the winter, which i think may be because i now have the heater off and not cooling the liquid ... Read more