Question About Michelin G735 Floor Jack Repair Parts


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Is It Safe To Use Wood To Make Floor Jack Go Higher

Is it safe to put a solid piece or pieces of wood between the jack pad/saddle and car to get a higher lift? Using jack stands to hold car after. The more room under the car the better. It'd be nice to have a ... Read more

What’s The Best Compact Automobile Jack

Is it a scissor jack? Hydraulic? Bottle-type? My goal: 1) To replace the flimsy jack that came with my car. So, a replacement must be easy sein.2) would go to basic maintenance (oil changes, brakes, etc) with Jack steht.3) Ideally, this is under $ 50. ... Read more

1998 MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT >will Not Accelerate Like It Should . Replaced Engine .

Original engine ran very good but would not pass smog . had blowby . I have to push the gas to the floor to get ... Read more

Does Anyone Know Any Good Distributors/suppliers For Motorcycle Parts, Apparel, Accessories, Etc.

I'm looking for a distributor/wholesaler who carries parts/accessories/apparel/tires for street bikes from brands like Teknic, Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, PowerCommander, Vortex, BMC, Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, etc. Any answers are appreciated! ... Read more

What Tools Besides My Floor Jack Do I Need To Change Brake Pads And Rotors

I was curious if any one had and tips or tricks. its an 89 c1500 silverado. ... Read more

Why Will My Tire Not Lift Off The Ground When I Try To Jack It Up

I have a Nissan Quest van and I am trying to do a brake job on it. However, when I try to jack it up the car and springs raise up but the tire will not leave the ground. I have fully extended the ... Read more

Where Do I Jack My Truck Up At

Im trying to jack up a 1989 ford f150 in the back. the jack is curved to fit right under the axel. im changing the right rear tire...wouldnt make sense to put it directly under the leaf Springs would it? thanks in advance! ... Read more