Question About Location Of Crank Sensor Of International 4700 T444e


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I Have A 1996 International T444e

I have a 1996 International T444e. Before it stopped running I washed it. It never completely started after that. Three months later I'm trying to start it and the engine turns but no start. Im having trouble with finding the glow plugs. Are they producing the ... Read more

Need To Know Location Of Crank Sensor On A 96 Sebring W/2.5 Litre Engine

Cam sensor is in distributor but was told crank sensor is on front of motor,only i see nothing and dont feel like taking things apart to see. additionally i see no wires coming out of under t belt covers. ... Read more

Where Is Crankshaft Posistioning Sensor Location For ’01 Silverado 8.1L V8

I think it's on timing chain cover below cam above crank pulley. Pulled out and was bout 3/4 inch long magnet. Parts store told me this was "camshaft posistioning sensor" but felt inside hole and cranked motor over and felt the crank turn. Cant believe a ... Read more

Replacing A Crank Shaft Position Sensor On A 90 Subaru Legacy

I just ran a code check and it came back that the Crank Shaft Position Sensor is bad. I dont know if that means the sensor is bad or the Crank Shaft is bad??? It is on a 1990 Subaru Legacy 2.2L MFI 4cyl The car only has 85K ... Read more

Location Of Camshaft Position Sensor On A 1997 Mercury Villager

I hooked up an OBD II and it gave me the code P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor A-Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction. What does that mean and can it stop the spark from reaching the coil? I also need the location for this particular sensor? HELP!!! THANKS!!! ... Read more

Diesel Question 2001 International 4700. Engine Just Died And Will Not Start, Won’t Even Turn Over.

The light for the glow plug to warm up does not even light. Both tanks are full of fuel. The last time this happened I was told a mechanic just had to pump the primer on it. I can't find the primer pump and this might ... Read more

Anyone Know Location Of The Knock Sensor On A ’97 Olds Aroura

My husband is working on my car and is no stranger in the garage so that it drives him NUTS !!!!!! He can not seem to find the location of the knock sensor so my engine light goes out, we are in NY and when not ... Read more