Question About Lm7 Forged Pistons And Rods


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Forged Pistons

Where can i find forged pistons and/or crankshaft for a 352 FE in a 64 ford galaxie.what about rods? ... Read more

Where Can I Find The Forged Pistons And Connecting Rods Of Ford ESCAPE 3.0 V6 4WD

My car is turbo-charged now, so I need stronger pistons and rods. And I think I need to lower the compression ratio. ... Read more

Help Im Looking For A 10001200hp Set Of 350 Connecting Rods

Im looking for a set of connecting rods (or singles if possible) that i can purchase & will handle 1000-1200hp, dont worry about the rest of the mods-my question is can anyone help me & how much/can you post a link? 1st answer fail... i -am- building the ... Read more

How Much Would These Forged Parts Cost

I am looking to install a turbocharger on a KL-ZE 2.5L V6 DOHC J-Spec Mazda engine. I know this is not a good engine for turbo but I might just buy some custom forged parts. How much would it cost to get forged pistons, con rods, ... Read more

Forged Crank/rods For 2.8, Or Turbo Info

Im looking for a forged crank, rods, pistons for my 2.8 in my 91 s10? Im going to turbo it, anyone attempted or seen this done to a 2.8? ... Read more


I've heard that forged pistons increase engine performance. Anyway, i don't know what are forged pistons. Can anyone explain me what they are? ... Read more

Aftermarket Pistons To Eagle Rods In A GSR

I have a 94' GSR the motor is appart. the guy before me spun a rod and tore the motor apart. new crank and bearings. He picked up a set of Eagle connecting rods which use floating type pistons, but stock pistons are pressed. what pistons ... Read more