Question About Left Hand Positive Battery What Does


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Buzzing/ Sizzle Noise From The Positive Battery Cable…battery Is Removed From Car

My battery in my car I did not think about dying, because driving in it at all. So I went to the store today and took out battery and threw it on the charger. I notice from the positive wire that connects to the battery. . ... Read more

How Long Should I Charge My Car Battery

I left my lights ons, and i took my battery out and connected it to the battery charger. Positive to positive, and negetive to negetive. How long should I leave it on for? It was pretty much completely dead. My battery charger had a switch that ... Read more

Generally More Difficult For People In England 2 Learn 2 Drive Since Even Most Ppl There Are Right Handed..

And their cars are obviously developed with the steering wheel on the right side leaving the shifter (most cars there are manual--making it seem like it would make it an even bigger learning curve) on the left side. Because the left hand is the "guiding" ... Read more

12 Volt Battery Charger… Can’t Get It To Connect

My car battery is mostly dead. I hooked it up to a 6 amp battery charger, (positive to positive, negative to chassis) but it won't show as connected on the charger? (There's a light that lights up when connected). What could be wrong? Thanks ... Read more

Is The Bolt On The Right Side Tranny Side Of The ’02 YZ250 Crankshaft, Left Or Right Hand Threads

Im splitting the case on my '02 YZ250 and dont know which way to turn the bolt on the right hand side of the crank. Looking at the right side, the crank turns clockwise when running which suggests to me that the bolt would be left ... Read more

Connecting Car Cd/player To Boat, Leisure Battery

Hi I'm no good at electrics and i need some advice, i have a pioneer DEH-1000E CD Unit with speakers. I have wired up everything and have left the system remote control and dash illumination unwired. Now the problem is when i wire everything together and connect ... Read more

Need Help Installing Car Stereo

Hi guys, I just bought a Sony headunit model no. Cdx-gt270, I tried to install it on my 94 Levin ae101 today with the wiring diagram I found on internet. After I hooked them up, headunit has got no illumination, but it does take/eject cds with the ... Read more