Question About Knock Sensor Location Toyota Estima


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Chevy 4.3 Litre 6 Cylinder. Knock Sensor Location

Where can I find it? The obd code reader said it wasn't receiving a signal from the knock sensor, I bought a knock sensor but where is the old one located on the engine block exactly? ... Read more

Knock Sensor On A 2005 Chevy Cobalt

First of all, my husband and I are receiving conflicting information. Is a knock sensor a TYPE of oxygen sensor, a separate part having nothing to do with the oxygen sensor or are they one and the same? The reason I ask, is because whenever I ... Read more

Where Is The Knock Sensor Located On A 1989 Toyota Pick Up V6 3.0L

My chilton book says its on the side of the engine block but its not, it also has two different diagrams and one says it only has on knock sensor, and the other says it has two, so what im asking is how many knock sensors ... Read more

Can An Engine Still Knock If A Knock Sensor Is Installed And Properly Working

Just finished a lot of work on my 3vze in my 95 Toyota 4runner (valve grind, new gaskets all around t-belt etc). Also replaced the knock sensor while doing this cause it was throwing a code about it not working. Been driving it ... Read more

Location Of Knock Sensor On ’99 Kia Sportage, 4X4

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage, and I have to replace the knock sensor, BUT the problem I am having is locating it on the KIA engine, can anyone help? ? Pictures would be best, but any info can help me. Thanks My Kia takes the Plug ... Read more

Where Is The Knock Sensor Located On A 1994 Ford Explorer

I'm trying to locate the area in which the knock sensor is located to replace if you know of a website or can give a vivid description of its location I would gladly appreciate it =D ... Read more

Where Are The 2008 Scion XB Knock Sensors Located

My grandfather is a mechanic and typically works on older cars, but he bought a computer specific to new cars and the computer said my knock sensor is not functioning. Can anyone tell me where exactly the knock sensor is located or direct me to ... Read more