Question About Kenwood Car Stereo Says Protect


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I Unattached My Kenwood Stereo In My Car So No One Would Steal It At College And Now Its Flashing Protect

I recently got a kenwood stereo installed in my 05 toyota camry. I had it for a week and then it stopped working and started flashing "PROTECT" I brought it back to best buy and they fixed it. Now 3 days later when I got back ... Read more

How Can I Fix My Car Stereo Without Buying New Speakers

So i have a kenwood deck in my car. the protect thing comes on and i know that means one of my speakers are shorted, but i only have my front speakers connected and there both fine...i had taken it to best buy like a ... Read more

Why Does My Kenwood KAC9105D ClassD 1800w Amplifier Go Into Protect Mode As Soon As It Turns On

Why does my Kenwood KAC-9105D Class-D 1800w amplifier go into protect mode as soon as it turns on? ... Read more

How To Fix My Car Stereo

Its a kenwood face plate thingy and im trying to figure out how to fix it cuz it keeps saying protect [found someone says i have to unplug its battery and the speaker wire] and i took a gander at the wires to find that i ... Read more

How Do I Uninstall A Kenwood KDC215S Stereo From My Car

I have a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire SE and the previous owners installed a Kenwood KDC-215S car stereo. I got a new stereo and I want to begin installing it. Problem is: I don't know how to uninstall the Kenwood stereo. Anybody have any answers? ... Read more

Kenwood Car Stereos I’m Looking At Getting A New Car Stereo And I Have Limited Funds.I Found A Kenwood

System that has the options that I like and I was wondering does Kenwood make quality stereo equipment? If not what stereo brands would you recommend (I'm not really asking what others think is best but rather does Kenwood make dependable equipment)? ... Read more

Whats Better For A Car Stereo Alpine Or Kenwood

Question: Whats Better For A Car Stereo Alpine Or Kenwood, Best answer for Whats Better For A Car Stereo Alpine Or KenwoodWhilst they are the two excellent manufacturers, Alpine is probably the far better choice. Kenwood started out in property stereo tools and a lot of their ... Read more