Question About Ke Es Po505 99 Civic


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Where Can I Buy A Honda Civic Sun Visor

I need a new or used drivers side sun visor for my 06 civic. I have basically checked every honda parts website and have not found it. I have not tried a dealer (probably too expensive). Has anyone else had a problem with ... Read more

97 Acura El Parts For 97 Civic

I would rather an el, but it seems the parts for it are harder to find if i get a civic of the same it possible to put a 97 acura 1.6 el front and back bumper plus trunk and grille on the civic? ... Read more

I Got A Question About Honda Civic

I have a honda civic 97. i recently bought a 2000 front bumper and i wanted to get headlights and the seller gave me headlights for honda civic 2000. my question is this if i want to get carbon fiber hood and fenders should i also ... Read more

Will Lowering Springs From A 9295 Civic Coupe Or Integra Fit On The Civic Hatchback Model

I'm talking about springs only. Not coil-overs. I know that it says civic/ integra are the same, but I wanna make sure it is the same for the hatchback. Thanks! ... Read more

Salvage Yard Parts Cost

How much do you think these parts would cost at a salvage yard 1 both front seats for 1989 honda civic hatchback 2 rear seat for a 1989 honda civic hatchback 3 both headlights for a 1989 civic hatchback 4 center heater vents for a 1989 civic hatchback 5 glovebox for ... Read more

Honda Civic Headlight Help

I have a 96-98 honda civic and i ordered headlight and taillights for a 99-00 civic. will they fit? i order 99-00 bumpers and they fit just fine!! ... Read more