Question About Isuzu Npr Brakes Spongy


My Brake Fluid Seems Really Dirty Dark Brown. Does It Need Changing Periodically

Asked on Feb 13, 2012 The reason I looked at my brake fluid was because my brakes were a bit spongy (the pedal went all the way to the floor) the other day (they're fine now, even before I added a little brake fluid). But, when I went to add ... Read more

91 Isuzu Npr Box Truck Glow Plug Question

Asked on Jun 16, 2010 It has the 4Cylinder 4bd2 diesel engine with 20,000 miles on it and I do not think that the glow plugs are working. It begins on a hot day in order, but the colder it is the more difficult it is to start. It runs very ... Read more

Replaced Pads/rotors, Brakes Now Feel Spongy

Asked on Jun 15, 2010 I plan Pads / rotors and pads back on MY 2001 Blazer. I do not have to break into the hydraulic system, so I do not think the brakes needed to be vented. The brakes now feel weak / vague. Any ideas? Pads, no shoes in ... Read more

Is A 1994 Isuzu Amigo A Good Buy

Asked on May 21, 2010 I am thinking about buying a 1994 isuzu amigo for my first car, it has 194,000 miles ORIGINAL OWNER and new clutch/brakes/tires, i need a car that is reliable,,,,,,is it worth it for $1200 bucks????? all it needs is an exhaust manifold?? is it worth it ... Read more

98 Isuzu Engine Swap

Asked on Jun 6, 2010 Ok. heres the deal. I have a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo with a blown engine. Instead of searching for the elusive Isuzu Motors. lol I have a converter adapter kit or a search with a Chevy small-block in it. Who, where the parts as I think, knows ... Read more

Where Can I Find An Oil Filter For An ISUZU 4le2

Asked on Jun 3, 2010 This is an industrial diesel engine (small, 2. 2 LI I think). The filter consists of Tokyo Roki. 6D7 is printed on the face, do not know if this is the part number or not (and there are some Japanese characters on what I could not ... Read more

Spongy Pedal + Intermittent ABS & Brake Lights On ’01 Blazer

Asked on May 31, 2010 The brakes have been feeling spongy, and the ABS & Brake! lights have been coming on about 10% of the time. Getting the code read is tough becuse I would need an apointment, but cannot predict when the ABS light will come on. A ... Read more