Question About Is Duralast Gold Cmax Good Brakes


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Brass Or Gold Car Battery Terminal

Ive been told that the gold ones do not corrode like brass terminals. Has anyone tried this and compared performance/durability? The brass ones are 3 bucks each while the gold ones are 7 each, just want to know if they are worth the extra money or just ... Read more

Duralast Distributor Cap

I bought a distibutor cap from its a duralast part number DR942 and it doesnt have any number on them so i dont know what spark plug wires go firing order is 18436572... i need to know which one is # 1 so i can ... Read more

NAPA Oil Filters

Are NAPA gold oil filters any good? From my research they are nothing more than over priced OEM. NAPA claims the Gold oil filter is 95% at 31 um (for my app). If the high-end-top-shelf NAPA filters are only equal to OEM then what about their other ... Read more

NAPA Gold Oil Filters

Are the NAPA gold oil filters any good? I read the beta ratios were 50% at 15 um and 95% at 31 um for the (1040/pf47). This does not seem to good, especially for a 6$ filter. "If it's in their store it has to meet their ... Read more

Toyota Distributor Cap And Rotor

I looked at the auto zone site for a distributor cap and Rotor.Ich my choice between Duralast (brand name) and Beck arnley (brand name) had. beck arnley teurer.Duralast significantly rotor is -2. 99, rotor cap 9 99 (+ or -) beck arnley rotor -9. 99, rotor ... Read more

Why Do My New Rotors/brakes Grind

So I just did the brakes on my 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8 (rear drum). I put on wearever rotors (not the cheapest atleast) and wearever gold pads (semi metallic). After I first began driving the passenger one began to grind, but than after 100 miles ... Read more

I Need Help With My Model Car Kit Exterior

Http:// i got this lowrider car but as you can see the front bumper is chrome and it does look cool but i was looking for a gold, is there a place where i can buy a 1965 impala front bumper in gold?? thanx ... Read more