Question About Is Brass Or Lead Battery Terminals Better


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How Do I Charge My Car Battery

My car has a dead battery. I jumped it yesterday but didn't drive it so it was dead this morning again. I borrowed a battery charger from my neighbor but I've never used one before. Do I leave my battery in the car and just put ... Read more

How To Charge My Car

My car battery needs to be charged, if I were to just hook the charger up without disconecting the terminals first will it work? Or do I have to disconnect the terminals? ... Read more

How Practical Is A Leadacid Battery Electric Car For A 25mile Daily Commute I’d Like To Charge Everywhere.

This question pertains to a 120-volt DC electric vehicle with lead acid batteries. If the lead acid batteries are drawn down to nearly zero, how many cycles should I expect? Is it true that it takes 15 hours to charge a typical 120-V battery pack from ... Read more

Car Battery Keeps Dying

I have a Toyota sienna 2002. I have replaced the alternator, the battery, and the terminals. I have a battery charger and i use that to charge the battery and it works. I have the original sound system, have not added anything electrical. ... Read more

I Have A 5 Year Old 650CCA Battery In My Car And Its Dead Cuz The Light Got Left On And I Have This 3.2AH…..

Lead-acid battery will start this up until my battery enough to it. I would use a charger, but have a BoNT ... Read more

Can You Build Your Own Uninterruptible Power Supply With A Car Battery, An Inverter, And A Battery Charger

The point is to create a UPS with a very long run time when the main power goes out. Can you hook the charger to the car battery terminals and then attach an inverter to the same terminals (in parallel they call it?). You then plug ... Read more

Automotive Maintenace Tools Need Best Answer Help Please

1. For automotive work, common wrench sizes range from: _____ a. 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch (standard) and 6 mm to 60 mm (metric). _____ b. 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch (standard) and 3 mm to 36 mm (metric). _____ c. 1/4 inch to 1-7/8 inch (standard) and 6 ... Read more