Question About Insrtuctions On How To Hook Up A Sony Xplod Amp To Kicker Competition 12 Subs


Which Subwoofers Are Better Kicker Or Sony Xplod

Asked on Feb 17, 2011 I ordered 2 kicker comp 12" that are 300watt each sub but now i am reading 2 sony xplod subwoofers 1000 watts each sub for a little more. Did i make the wrong choice? Do you think you can hear these from down the street a little ... Read more

Car Stereo

Asked on May 14, 2011 I have a kenwood 1000 watt car amp on 2 12" visonik subs at 600 watts each. the amp comes on but is produceing no bass. i have hooked up a sony xplod 222 watt amp to the same subs and same wireing with out changeing ... Read more

Car Stereo Options… 1600W Amp Two 12 Subs

Asked on Apr 27, 2012 I had recently installed four sony xplod speakers with the xplod deck. It doesnt have a sub-out feature, yet I would like to add a 1600w amp with two 12" subs. Would my best interest be to get a deck with sub out or is there ... Read more

Why Did My Sony Xplod 1200w Sub Stop Working

Asked on Jul 13, 2012 Question: Why Did My Sony Xplod 1200w Sub Stop Working, I am not ashamed that I no Totally nothing at all about automobile stereos, but I do have a 1200W Sony Xplod Sub in my trunk with a 480W Sony Xplod Amp. I know these are ... Read more

I Need Help Choosing An Amp For Kicker 12 L7 Subwoofers

Asked on May 28, 2011 I am buying 2 kicker 12" l7 subs and i need to figure out what amp to get. i was told that the kicker zx 1500.1 amp is a really nice amp and would make these subs hit really hard. can anyone give me their opinion ... Read more

Can I Connect A Subwoofer To A Sony Xplod Cdxgt110it Doesnt Have Sub Outputs

Asked on Jun 19, 2012 Question: Can I Connect A Subwoofer To A Sony Xplod Cdxgt110it Doesnt Have Sub Outputs, i have the sony xplod cdx-gt110 and i want to place a subwoofer in my vehicle but i dont know if y can hook up it to my vehicle stereoBest answer ... Read more

How Well Will These Subs And Amp Work With My Car

Asked on Sep 23, 2012 Question: How Well Will These Subs, And Amp Work With My Car, I just bought 2 Sony Xplod 12' 1000w subs with the enclosure. A Sony 2/one channel amp (800w) and all the wires. I very own a 2006 Pontiac G6 sedan and just getting the ... Read more