Question About Ignition Timing Advance 1991 Chevy S10


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Advance Or Retard Ignition Timing With Knock Sensors

I have no distributor. I would like to advance my ignition timing. I read that the ECU will advance the spark until it detects knock, then it will retard a degree. Why then does my manual say to use 87, and using higher ... Read more

What Should I Set My Timing At On My Chevy

Ive heard that you can advance/retard your timing to give you more low end torque or more top end power. Which goes for which. for example does advance go with top end and retard go with low end or vice versa? I have a 350 TBI ... Read more

Weird Initial Ignition Timing Jumps From 6 Adv To 8 Adv.. What The Hell

I've been setting up the timing on my 67 mustang for a bit now because even when I set it, it seems the timing jumps on me. The Carburetor is perfectly tuned. Idles great. New intake manifold gasket, distributor is an all electric conversion. Now I'll set it ... Read more

Quick Question On Ignition Timing

Ive been working on my '89 325i and i had to replace the rocker arms and timing belt. in that process i had to remove the distributor rotor and replace it with a new one. but as i was reading the manual it said something about ... Read more

What Should The Timing Be On A 350 Chevy Engine … Please Read Details First Before Answering

I took a 350 engine out of a 1993 Chevrolet truck. It originally came with a throttle body injection and was computer controlled. I took a 70's model intake and with a modification to the two center bolt holes on both sides ... I mounted ... Read more

Trouble Timing 87 Chevy 350 Reman Crate Engine

Harmonic balancer is off the old engine put on the reman, Running carb not fi. By timing light the single mark on the balancer is off the scale by quite a bit toward the passenger side. Runs fairly well. electrictronic ignition with vacum advance. ... Read more

Stock Small Block Chevy Total Timing

1972 Chevelle 350, Freshly rebuilt engine... completely. However, just stock parts. No performance parts in there at all except exhaust and simple bolt ons. With that being said, the sticker said to get it to 6 degrees BTDC @ 600RPM. Has an HEI distributor in there (MSD) and ... Read more