Question About Idle Problems Chevy 4 3l V6


85 Chevy Suburban

Asked on Jul 19, 2010 85 Chevy Suburban 6.2 Diesel Got a problem i was looking for some insight on. When i got to start it in the morning, its hard to start, I let the glow plugs cycle through 4 long cylces before i try to turn it over to get ... Read more

How To Turn Down Idle On 89 Mercedes 190E

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Problems With A 1990 Mistubishi Galant

Asked on Aug 9, 2010 My boyfriend and I are continuously having problems with the power to the car (ELECTRICAL not horse). It has a brand new alternator and battery. About 2 months ago it would idle for about 10-20 min. then when we would try to drive it, it would ... Read more

Do Engine Upgrades Require Ecu Upgrades

Asked on Apr 17, 2010 If i were to say, put high performance heads, a 383 stroker kit, and an idle to 5000 rpm range cam in a 1989 chevy tbi 350, what has has to change, if anything, to keep fuel-air and all that right? because i like the fuel ... Read more

240SX KA High Idle Problems

Asked on Jun 22, 2010 I clean the trotle body and air mass flow sensor, replace the spark plugs and distributor cap and my idle went up to 1500 rpm and it wont go down to normal b 4 it was 700 and will try to go lower thats why ... Read more

Irratic Idle, Wants To Shut Off When Coming To A Stop Or When I Let All The Way Off The Gas

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1997 Honda Civic AC Acting Weird

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