Question About I Have A Credit Score Of 638 So What Type Of Auto Loan Interest Can I Get


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Buying A New Car With Auto Financing And A Low Credit Score

Currently I am looking to buy a New Car Somewhere in the $20k dollar range. I am looking to pay less then $450 a month and understand I will have to pay a high interest rate. My Credit Score is 439 but I have $5000 cash ... Read more

How Much Do You Think My Interest Rate Will Be On A Used Car With A 730 Credit Score

I am looking at getting a used 2008 Scion TC. I will probably have to finance somewhere between 15-16 thousand on this car and my credit score was 730 the last time I put a loan application into a dealership. That was about 2 months ago ... Read more

Car Loan Interest Rate

Yesterday, I went to Toyota dealership to look at cars. I was inquiring about Yaris (cca 14 K sticker price). They ran my credit report which showed Beacon score of 638. I am a first time buyer, so I probably should be happy they are even ... Read more

Bad Credit… Can I Still Get Used Car Financing

My car is broken down. I cannot drive it, cannot sell it. I currently have a used car loan through my credit union that I still owe 2,000 on the car. I can pay that loan off in 2 weeks. My problem is that I need ... Read more

Used Car Loan With Credit Score Of 650 Unemployee But Have Capital.

Ok, I am 20 years old and unemployed with a credit score of 650. I need to get a used car loan of 7500 or maybe more. I have stocks worth 13k. And I will have an income of 400 every month from my brother. I ... Read more

Good Interest Rate For A Used Car Loan Good Credit.

What kind of interest rate will I be looking at? Alright.....I'm 18 and I have had a credit card ever since I was able to. I have good credit, with no late fees or anything that would negatively affect my credit score. Last time I checked my ... Read more

Trying To Buy A Used Car. Applied For A Loan W/dealer, But Wondering If I Should Apply W/credit Union As Well.

I'm a recent college grad, and I have a job and I got approved for a small amount from the dealer but at a high interest rate. I have not yet closed the deal with them on a car. I want to know if it would ... Read more