Question About How To Wire Electric Choke Quadrajet On Manual Choke Car


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Converting From Electric To Manual Choke Carburetor

I was wanting to convert my electric choke Holley carburetor over to a manual choke Edelbrock carburetor. I was wondering if someone could explain how to do this cause I was thinking about doing it but not sure how. ... Read more

Installing Carburetor Without Choke Connected

I have the edelbrock 600 cfm electric choke carb and i need to know if i can install it on the car without connecting the choke temporarily. And will the car run the normal without it connected and also where can i connect the red power cable ... Read more

Holley Carburetor Choke

Squarebore 4bbl 390 cfm. Need help setting cold choke idle. Idles way fast until warmed up to temp. That adjustment screw underneath the electric choke? clockwise/counterclockwise? ... Read more

The Choke Comes On While Driving And After The Engine Is Warm.

Its a Holley 600 CFM Electric choke carburetor. The choke comes on while I am driving and it idles to high. ... Read more

What Is The Difference Between An Edelbrock Manual Choke Carburetor And A Electric Choke Carburetor

What is the difference between an edelbrock manual choke carburetor and a electric choke carburetor? ... Read more

Holley 750 Carburetor

I have a 750 (believe its a double pumper) no choke, on my 360 Dodge Dart, it is leaking, and I have decided on New Edelbrock performer 600 cfm electric choke. Only mods to car are headers and Performer intake. Will this carb work OK. Thanks ... Read more

RC Car Electric Engine To Weed Trimmer Engine

I have a old weed trimmer engine with a busted choke that i want to put onto a RC car with an electric engine. i can still start it without the choke and everything but i have no idea how to change the engine, i know ... Read more