Question About How To Tell If Radiator Has Oil Cooler


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Can The Transmission Fluid Cooler In A Radiator Be Used For An Oil Cooler.

I have a 1993 mitsubishi eclipse gsx that was an automatic but i converted it to a manual with a 1990 gsx that i bought just for the transmission and other random parts. the automatic transmission had a intake and outlet line on the radiator ... Read more

Is My Radiator And Transmission Fluid Cooler Separate Units Or Are They Combined

I have a 2006 Dodge Stratus, 4cyl 2.4L with auto transmission. Does anyone know if the transmission cooler is separate from the radiator, or if theyre integrated. It looks like the trans cooler might be in front of the radiator, but i cant really ... Read more

Location Of Transmission Oil Cooler

Where is the best/most common place to mount an automatic transmission oil cooler, and is there any advantage to running the oil through the standard radiator cooler and then through the aftermarket oil cooler as well, or does it just go straight to the aftermarket one. ... Read more

Does A 99 Dodge Intrepid With A 3.2 Engine Have A Oil Cooler With The Radiator

I need a radiator and a junk yard has one, they said the average interpid doesn't have an oil cooler but I need to know if mine does before I buy this part. I would take it to the shop but dont have that kind of ... Read more

Where Can I Put An Engine Oil Cooler On A 94 Astro Van

I mess up the radiator treats where the oil lines goes and I was planing to buy and oil cooler since its more cheaper than replacinng the radiator and lines. ... Read more

How Tell If My Car’s Radiator Has A Engine Oil Cooler

I have a 1992 olds delta 88 and i need to buy i radiator but i dont know how to tell if it has a engine oil cooler on it and need to know so i get the right one. ... Read more

Can I Replace/bypass A Saab Oil Cooler

I just got a quote for $1000(600 parts) to replace the leaking oil cooler, warranty wont cover it. My dad tells me I may be able to disconnect the lines(I havent looked at it yet to see if it has lines) and re-route them to ... Read more