Question About How To Swap Chevy Fuel Injected Motor To Carburated


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Can You Convert A 1987 Dodge Dakota From Carbureted To Fuel Injection

What all do i have to do to make it fuel injected, do i just have to swap the intake manifold out for the fuel injected one? what are all the parts that i need to make this happen? do i have to do a complete ... Read more

Why Cant You Put A Gear To Gear Timing Set In A Fuel Injected Motor How Will It Set Off The Knock Sensor

I have Big Block Chevy 402 that I am going to rebuild soon and want to put gear to gear timing in, But they all say not for use on fuel injected motors. what is it about this set up that sets the knock sensor off? ... Read more

Is It Hard To Swap Out A 302 Windsorfuel Injected To A 351 Windsorcarburated

I have a 1988 ford ltd Crown Victoria and a friend of mine has a 351 windsor with an aftermarket intake edelbrock carburetor that came out of a 78 f150. I was wondering what all I have to do cause my car is fuel injected. ... Read more

It Is Possible To Change From Carburetor System To Fuel Injection System

I have a 87 Honda crx and i want to make it fuel injected is there any kit they my sell online i remember my uncle told me once that there are some kits they sell =X 2k i think in better off with a motor swap =D ... Read more

How Much Does The Average 350 Engine Weigh

I want to do a V8 conversion on a Datsun 280z. But the only engine swap that they really have parts available for is the LS1 engine witch I believe is a 350. The LS1 only wieghs 30 more pounds than the stock motor but I ... Read more

What Would Cause My Speedometer And Tachometer To Not Work After A Motor Swap

My fuel gauge works along with my thermometer. Stopped working after my motor swap. Any ideas? It's a civic and I changed it to a manual. If it's a plug in the motor bay can anyone inform me where the plug is? Both cars had the same motor. ... Read more