Question About How To Set Timing On A 1993 Honda Civic Dx


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1993 Honda Civic Timing Problem

With the timing belt off and the cam pulley alligned my rotor does not point directly at the number one plug wire terminal on my distributor cap. Rotor points slightly past it no matter which way I turn the distributor. And does the crank sprocket line ... Read more

Honda Civic AC Problem…need Your Help Guys..

I have a honda civic DX 1993(hatchback) all stock. its AC is not working properly as it have to...It kicks in only when I press gas. its been fully recharged a week ago. i changed the both relays. pls help me out. is it coz ... Read more

What’s Wrong With My Honda Civic 1993 EX The Thermostat

My 1993 Honda Civic EX started to indicate that it was overheating a few days ago. It goes up to about 90-95% to the H (red zone) in about 15 minutes of driving local roads (or highway). I checked the coolant level and it seems fine, ... Read more

For Honda Civic Experts

I have a 1993 Honda Civic, when i've changed the headlights (whole) and after one and a half years, it became dark. What's the cause of the darkening of the headlights? ... Read more

Do The 9699 Civic Headlights Fit A 1993 Honda Del Sol

Do the headlights from a 96-99 Honda Civic fit the Honda del Sol cars? I was looking for halo lights but I can't find any specifically for a del sol. I've seen the civic ones but the 93 civic halo lights won't fit. However, the 96-99 Civic ... Read more

Do Newer Honda Civics Have Timing Belts

2000-2007 version of the they still have timing betls? I heard that post 2003, the Civic got rid of belts. Thanks. ... Read more

Honda Civic Pinging Like Hell

I have a 1986 Honda Civic 1.5L 3bbl. I just bought it for $600. I love the car but i get a nasty ping under load. I have replaced the thermostat and the water pump was replaced prior to my ownership in an ... Read more