Question About How To Reseal Windows On Canopy


How Do I Get Rid Of A Bad Smell In My Car

Asked on Feb 6, 2011 The seats got wet, and after that the windows remained closed. That is why it smells bad. I've tried leaving the windows open when is sunshine, driving with the windows open, and putting air freshener. ... Read more

Hydraulic Fluid

Asked on Jun 3, 2010 Do not laugh this issue, but my 1990 VFR750 two silver boxes placed on top of the steering shaft down the grips. Both have circular windows in them, and fluid fills the windows. I assume that the fluid is brake fluid, and the windows are there ... Read more

Is It Possible To Put New Tint Over Already Tinted Windows

Asked on Aug 11, 2010 My windows came tinted from manufacture at 70 percent and theres the little black letters on the bottom corner that says gm....70 percent trans. Idk if that's in the tint or on the glass?? So my real question can you just put new tint over what ... Read more

How Much Should I List My Truck For

Asked on Apr 25, 2010 I have a 2001 dodge ram 2500 quad cab short box 4x4. I have put on a few cosmetic accessories such as bug deflector, vent shades and 10000lb warn winch with a push bar on the front. the truck has a full trailer package as well ... Read more

99 VW New Beetle Windows Roll Down By Themselves

Asked on Aug 13, 2010 1999 New Beetle 1.8L Turbo, 60k miles: I have had this problem for well over a year. Both power windows roll down simultaneously, while the side marker and parking lights, and the ASR light on the instrument panel, all flash once or twice. It really seems like ... Read more

Do We Fix ’98 Land Rover Disco LE156K Miles Or Sell For Parts

Asked on May 18, 2010 We are orig owners. The coolant was leaking so engine overheated and ruined cylinder head gaskets and water pump. Plus we have a ton of oil leaks that need fixed so they would reseal the engine. Total repairs would be $4,400 but wouldn't technically fix everything. ... Read more

Left Windows Open In My Car After A Rainy Night

Asked on Feb 14, 2011 A night or two ago, I left my windows open by accident of my car, and well, it rained :(. I think the awful smell that I am smelling might be mold :'(. Does anyone know what I can do to solve this problem? Here are ... Read more