Question About How To Replace Thermostat On 95 Camaro


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How Hard Is It To Replace The Thermostat In A 2002 Mazda Protege

My car keeps overheating and the coolant is full, I think I need a new thermostat? I know they are cheap, but how much does it cost to pay a shop to replace one? ... Read more

How Do I Replace/fix A Thermostat In A Jeep

The heater thermostat in my Jeep Grand Cherokee is not working correctly. I get heat for a few minutes, then it shuts off and I just get cold air. Please provide step by step instructions on how to replace/fix my heater thermostat. ... Read more

How Do I Replace The Thermostat. On A 1999 Mazda Protege

It keeps overheating after putting antifreeze in it, and having all the fluids checked and changed. How do I know where the thermostat is? How do I know the thermostat is the problem for sure? Any tips on replacing it would be greatly ... Read more

Should Goodyear Change Thermostat Anytime A Water Pump Is Replaced

Charged me $400 to replace water pump on 93 aerostar. Made it five miles to work before it overheated, had it towed back and now they tell me it needs a thermostat. You would think a pressure test would have told them I needed ... Read more

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Change A Thermostat In 1994 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 1994 Plymouth Voyager and I need to replace the thermostat. I found where the thermostat is located and it looks like it should just unscrew, but it doesn't appear to be that easy. How do I get the old one out and replace ... Read more

Thermostat in my car that has a 3.1 V6 Sticks- Cost $200 -I thought Thermostats were easy to replace

This is a 97 Chev Malibu. I thought most thermostats were by the radiator - why should it take 2 hours worth of labor plus the cost of the part to replace this? I remember older cars growing up that my Dad would pop ... Read more