Question About How To Replace The Ignition Tumbler In A 98 Mustang


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I Had A 95 Mustang And It’s Automatic So Should I Replace The Computer After Putting These Parts Below

The car has a cold air intake,mass air, long tube headers,H-pipe,SLP loudmouth2,MSD ignition box,MSD igniton distributor,MSD ignition coil,8.5 conductor spark plug wires,underdrive pulley,alternator 200 AMP,centerforce clutch and 3.73 gear. ... Read more

1995 Ford Mustang Wont Shut Off

I just recently bought a 1995 Ford Mustang V6 convertible with a 5-speed manual trans. They ignition cylinder was always a little bit touchy, but just today it started up fine, but wouldn't turn off. I can start it up, but I have to stall the ... Read more

Quick Question On Ignition Timing

Ive been working on my '89 325i and i had to replace the rocker arms and timing belt. in that process i had to remove the distributor rotor and replace it with a new one. but as i was reading the manual it said something about ... Read more

Timing Questions Ford Mustang.

Ok so its a 66 mustnag with a 302 from the 67 or 68 mustang. its a reular 2v. i put in a msd ignition system and since then its been all messed up> not sure y. Might the carb need adjustment too? ... Read more

Car Problem, Car Wont Turn Over Replace Every Ignition Part And Diagnosed Car Need Help NOW

Changed: starter, ignition, ignition coil, ignition switch, computer, bad power lines. any ideas will be helpfull. not taking to shop all shops around me suck. ... Read more

I Have A Regular Not Gt 1997 Ford Mustang And I Need Help On How To Remove And Replace The Front Bumper.

It is a regular mustang and is a v6, 3.8 engine if i can get help on how to remove and replace or if someone can tell me a website where i can look that shows me the steps and where the screws and bolts are ... Read more

How Do I Install A New Ignition Cylinder For A 1995 Mustang

Someone tried stealing my 1995 ford mustang a few nights ago , they carefully broke out the ignition cylinder but it looks like it was connected to a metal rod or something inside . if they totally broke the cylinder would i need a whole new steering ... Read more