Question About How To Replace The Ignition Tumbler In A 98 Mustang


I Had A 95 Mustang And It’s Automatic So Should I Replace The Computer After Putting These Parts Below

Asked on Apr 21, 2010 The car has a cold air intake,mass air, long tube headers,H-pipe,SLP loudmouth2,MSD ignition box,MSD igniton distributor,MSD ignition coil,8.5 conductor spark plug wires,underdrive pulley,alternator 200 AMP,centerforce clutch and 3.73 gear. ... Read more

1995 Ford Mustang Wont Shut Off

Asked on Feb 17, 2011 I just recently bought a 1995 Ford Mustang V6 convertible with a 5-speed manual trans. They ignition cylinder was always a little bit touchy, but just today it started up fine, but wouldn't turn off. I can start it up, but I have to stall the ... Read more

Quick Question On Ignition Timing

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Timing Questions Ford Mustang.

Asked on Jan 29, 2011 Ok so its a 66 mustnag with a 302 from the 67 or 68 mustang. its a reular 2v. i put in a msd ignition system and since then its been all messed up> not sure y. Might the carb need adjustment too? ... Read more

Car Problem, Car Wont Turn Over Replace Every Ignition Part And Diagnosed Car Need Help NOW

Asked on May 13, 2010 Changed: starter, ignition, ignition coil, ignition switch, computer, bad power lines. any ideas will be helpfull. not taking to shop all shops around me suck. ... Read more

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How Do I Install A New Ignition Cylinder For A 1995 Mustang

Asked on Jun 18, 2010 Someone tried stealing my 1995 ford mustang a few nights ago , they carefully broke out the ignition cylinder but it looks like it was connected to a metal rod or something inside . if they totally broke the cylinder would i need a whole new steering ... Read more