Question About How To Replace Struts On A Car Chevy Venture


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Average Cost To Replace Struts On My Car

I have a 1999 Camaro RS and believe I need front struts. How much would it cost a local shop to get a new pair of struts and replace them? Also does the term coil over springs have any significance when I'm doing my struts? I have ... Read more

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Front Right Strut Bolt Broken

Hi, Yesterday I took my car for an oil change. The mechanic told me that the right front strut bolt is broken. He told me that I would need to replace all 4 stuts which is coming to :- 1. replace r/f, l/f monroe sensatrac (Struts-$353.04, bolts-$64.08, ... Read more

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Where Can I Get Instructions With Pictures For Changing The Brake Pads And Rotors On A 2001 CHEVY VENTURE

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