Question About How To Replace Cv Half Shaft 99 Honda Accord


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Replacing The CV Boot On A 1999 Accord. .

I need to replace the CV boots on my 1999 honda accord. I've received mixed information on whether i need to replace just the boots, or the entire shaft and axle assembly? I'm trying to determine what is necessary, overall the car is in ... Read more

Honda Problems Axle Shaft Or Transmission

I own a 2003 Honda Accord EX. I have a couple of issues with the car leaking but they were fixed by my mechanic. Yesterday as I was driving to work the car really slowed down on the highway. I had to pull over and truned off ... Read more

How Do You I Replace The Thermostat On A 1994 Honda Accord

Based on some advice here on Answers, it seems like the thermosta is likely to be broken. How do I replace it? I have a 94 Accord, 5speed. I have tried googling but can't find a Honda source for replacement instructions or video. Thanks. BTW, Galaxie, in a 94 ... Read more

In A 97 Nissan Altima Gxe, How Easy Is It To Remove And Replace Front Axle Shaft

I'm looking to remove and replace both front half shaft. ialso need to replace4 my left and right inner ti rod ends. I'm wondering how difficult it would be and any tips on how to do it. Thank You ... Read more

Will An OEM Honda CD Player From 9502 Models Fit Into My 1992 Honda Accord

My Aftermarket stereo was recently stolen out of my 92 Honda Accord and I'm looking for an OEM stereo to replace it. I am not concerned with the actual size of the unit (I know it will fit my double-din opening) but with the wiring ... Read more

Why Can’t I Find A Distributor For My 83 Bronco

I ordered an aftermarket distributor for my bronco and when i compared it to my old one before installation,i found that they were identical except for the fact that the new one was a half inch inch shorter.Everything lined up perfectly on both of them except ... Read more

Axle Shaft

Is 300.00$ normal to replace axle shaft on 98 nissan altima?? That's with 90$ took an hour and a half ... Read more