Question About How To Replace A Headlight Dimmer Switch In 98 Astro Van


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Replace A Headlight Switch

I have a 89 camaro rs and Im trying to replace the headlight switch I got the knob off and face plate, now I dont know how to get the headlight switch out to replace it with the new one please help ... Read more

Convert Air Switch To Electric

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What Do I Need To Wire This Dash

I have a 72 Challenger and i have ALL new wiring harnesses,including aftermarket guages..speedo,water temp, oil pressure,fuel and volt.Each guage has a bulb for illumination with a pos and neg wire.Do i need to combine all these wires into one pigtail and should i wire these ... Read more

Im Working On The Dimmer Switch Of A 2001 Toyota Camry And I Dont Know Which Wire Is Which

Its not the headlight knob. its the dimmer on the dash next to the knob for the mirrors. when you turn the lights on, it controls how bright the dash lights are. and there are three wires, one is green, then a black ... Read more

Where Do I Find Headlight Relay Or Fusable Link

87 chevy astro, headlights wounl't work, replaced switch still no headlights. cant find headlight relay or someone said something about a fusable like for headlights, high beam on headlights never worked. thanks for any help dont know that headlight relay looks ... Read more

Faulty Dimmer Switch In My 97 Honda Civic Ex PLEASE HELP

Alright, for some reason my speedo and tach arent working in my civic. all the other lights on the gauge cluster work fine but the speedo and tach dont light up when i turn on my headlights. first thing i do is check the fuse, the fuse ... Read more

How Do You Replace The Oil Pressure Switch Located On A 1998 Chevy Astro 1998

How do you replace the oil pressure switch located on a 1998 Chevy astro 1998? ... Read more