Question About How To Repair Oil Leak On Eclipse 420a Engine


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97 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T, 420a Engine Where Is The Crankshaft Pulley

I am trying to check if my engine is seized (battery's already dead so I can't just start it up) and I want to manually hand turn the crank. So, I'm looking under the hood and I don't see anything that looks like what my ... Read more

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spun Rod

Hey i have a 1999 420a 2L eclipse. it spun a rod, so i ordered a new factory replacement, put it in and it still knocked. so i did some research and went to autozone. i know the bearing wore a small part of my crankshaft ... Read more

Performance Parts For A 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs With The 420a Dohc Motor.

I'm been trying to find engine internal performance parts for this motor and my luck has not been good. i have found turbos and stuff but im looking for stuff like cylinder head, cams, piston, etc. ... Read more

1997 Eclipse 420a Gs Manual Transmission

I put headers and catatalic converter(megan racing)muffler tip,underdrive pulley,10.2 wire set,ngk sparks plugs,ram air-intake. i just bought the throttle body with the manifold intake,cam gears ,ground kit. which one should i install first. and what else can i put in my car to make it go ... Read more

What Is My Cv Axle Nut Torx

I am trying to figure out what my torx is for the cv axle nut on a 97 eclipse rs 420A non-turbo ... Read more

Will This Short Ram Air Intake Fit

I have a 97 Eagle Talon Base and am wondering if this K&N Generation II fuel injection intake will fit, even though it is only listed to work with the TSI (turbo) version of the Talon. Does it make a difference? By the way the 420a ... Read more

My 99 Eclipse Gs Is Throwing The Code P0171

Hey guys, i cant figure out what is wrong with it. i know it means it running lean, but what could it be? everyone says its the mass air flow, but obviously mitsubishis dont have one. im also having problems with my brake booster, it has ... Read more