Question About How To Remove Stripped Oil Cap


How To Remove A Stripped Lug Nut From The Stud

Asked on Aug 29, 2009 We pretty much messed it up, there are no angles on it, so there is no grip. Is it possible to drill the actual lug nut and it will crack? The cap part of the lug nut is off as well, so its just the bolt ... Read more

How To Remove A Stripped Lug Nut On My Wheel

Asked on Sep 17, 2009 the tire iron will not grab on. tried a socket one size smaller didnt work dont have a damaged bolt/nut remover set PLEASE HELP!!!!! ... Read more

Stripped Distributor Cap Hold Down Screws

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 4.3 liter Chevy S10 Pickup.Went to remove dist. cap. SHOULD have soaked screws with WD-40 but didnt :( ) First screw came out ok, second hold down screw busted off. Threads still in hole. Just a bit to get a hold of on ... Read more

Stripped Axle Block On My CRF250R

Asked on Sep 11, 2010 I have a stripped rear axle block on my 2004 Honda CRF250R and I cant get the nut off the other side of it, any suggestions? ... Read more

Can I Get A Stripped Down Version Of A Car

Asked on Sep 25, 2011 tells me that a stipped down, basic version of the car I want would run me about 14,500. But, whenever I go to a lot, they're always way more than that. Do they make these stripped down versions (I'm talking just the basic package, nothing special ... Read more

How Do I Get A Stripped Nut Off An Axle

Asked on Aug 15, 2010 Front axle of my son's CRF250X dirt bike. He rounded over the axle nut using the wrong kind of wrench trying to remove the nut. I tried a pipe wrench, the the soft aluminum nut just continues to strip. I am hoping that ... Read more

Stripped Piston Sleeve On My Hpi Savage SS 25 Radio Control Car

Asked on Aug 18, 2010 I was tightening the glow plug and I stripped the piston sleeve....It's not the glow plug because I tryed it with another one and still didn't tighten...Can I have the part number for what I need to rethread the piston sleeve I'm not sure If I'm in ... Read more