Question About How To Remove Rust From Tire Rims


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How To Get Rust Of Chrome Rims

I just got a set of steel chrome rims and they have a little bit of rust on them. How would i go about getting this rust removed? idk if its really rust or not it kinda looks like rust and grease..? ... Read more

Does Anyone Know How To Clean Rust Looking Stains Off Chrome Rims

I have some Chrome rims that I am trying to clean up so I can sell. They have rust looking stains on the corners on the front I can't seem to find a way to remove all that. Have any ideas?? ... Read more

Tips On Cleaning Rust Of Chrome Rims

I have 18in chrome rims and the rust is starting to develop on the cap and near the air hole where ya put air in the tires. what is the best way to get rid of the rust? and what is the best rim cleaner that ... Read more

I Want To Add A 305 Or 315 Tire To My Rear Rims, But I’m Having Clearance Issues, What Can I Do

I have a 1996 Mustang Cobra, currently I have 17 "chrome rims Bullitt, 10 5" Deep Dish rims in the back. I currently have 275 tires on that size. I had to put spacers in order to prevent friction. No one knows why they are rubbed ... Read more

Remove Rust Spots From Exhaust Pipe

I got duel exhaust on my truck last year, with stainless steel tips. Well they already have rust spots on them, very annoying. Is there any way to remove rust from the tips. Something I can clean them with or rub on. ... Read more

How Do You Remove Rust Or Thick Brake Dust From Chrome Wheels

I have a set of 22 inch chrome rims. I really dont wash them much so now they have like thick brown spots. It looks like thick brake dust or almost like rust. Is there a product that can help me take that ugly stuff off? ... Read more

Will Chrome Rims/wheels Rust

I'm about to buy 20" chrome rockstar rims for my truck, but have been warned against buying chrome because they say it will chip and rust severely. I was told I would be better off getting a high polished aluminum. Is this true? I'd prefer chrome, ... Read more