Question About How To Remove Radio From 2003 Bonneville


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How To Properly Install Stereo System Into 2001 Pontiac Bonneville With Factory Bose System

My 2001 Bonneville has the factory amplified Bose system. I will be replacing it with a Kenwood head unit, MB Quart speakers all around, being pushed by an Audio Art 340.6XE The car has steering wheel radio controls and the delayed on/off feature when the car is ... Read more

Where Can I Find A Headlight Cover For A ’91 Bonneville

My parents' 1991 Pontiac Bonneville will not pass inspection unless they get a new headlight cover. I've tried ebay with no luck. Are there any websites for something like this? ... Read more

How Do I Eliminate Or Cover Up Radio Control Buttons On My Steering Wheel

I have used the steering wheel control interfaces a lot, but I would like to know if there is a company that makes button covers that would allow me to remove steering wheel control altogether. JimT... I agree... but, I want to remove them because when you ... Read more

97 Pontiac Bonneville Low Oil Pressure When Warmed Up

I have a 97 pontiac bonneville. when i start the engine up the oil pressure's fine util it gets warmed up then the needle drops. It doesnt go all the way into the red it just fluctuates right over it at idle. Would replacing the ... Read more

Is It Possible To Get CD’s Out Of A CD CHANGER That Has Already Been Disconnected From Your Car

I just put a new radio my car. I didn't think before I took out the old one that my CD changer won't have power to eject my CD's left in my CD changer. The new radio doesn't work with the current radio, so ... Read more

My Car Radio Won’t Start.

A year ago, I messed with the wiring harness of the car stereo of my 94 Honda Civic Dx and I ended up losig power to my radio, headlights, windshield wipers, ect. I replaced all the fuses and that fixed the problem of the headlights, ect, ... Read more

Triumph Bonneville Solo Coil Spring Seat

Has anyone fit a coil spring seat on a bonneville? Similar to a royal enfield solo seat? ... Read more