Question About How To Remove Hub On 1996 Ford F150 4 Wheel Drive


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Asked on Sep 3, 2010 Need to remove the wheel hub. Everything is practically removed, including the axle nut. Do I need a special tool? Can I just hammer it out and hammer it back in when I'm done? Do I need to remove the axle rod out first? Thanks. ... Read more

1998 Ford Ranger Front Axle Bind Up

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I Am Replacing Rotors On A 1997 Honda Accord. The Hub Was Out I Put It Back In. How Do I Know It’s Seated

Asked on Sep 19, 2010 I used the GDT5 tool from Try-In Tools to remove the hub. It took a while to reinstall it because the spindle on the hub barely fits into the knuckle. Anyway, I was able to get it put in using the axle nut to ... Read more

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