Question About How To Pry Cv Axle Out


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What Does A Axle Nut Do

I have a 2002 yamaha raptor 660 and it has a durablue axle the axle nut is gone what does a axle nut really do im going to replace it im just wondering what they do ... Read more

What’s The Torque Spec For The Front Axle On A GL1100 Goldwing ’83

I have the Clymer manual, it doesn't specify anywhere what the torque spec is for the front axle (axle and axle nut). It does talk about the torque for the "front axle holder nuts" (pg222), but not the axle itself. I've searched everywhere without ... Read more

Will A Used Axle Shaft Be Ok To Use Do I Need To Replace Axle Bearing On Used Axle

1973 buick centurion. cant find new axle shaft locally. tieing up mechanics lift trying to locate one. ... Read more

Dexter Axle Broke.. Is It A Solid Or Peiced Axle

This is for a trailer that hauls a back hoe most of the time. he axle broke just before the wheel bearrings.. for the whole dual tire assembly came off.. can i get parts for one side... or do i have to get a ... Read more

Remove Axle Nut On 2003 Camry

The axle is keyed and the axle nut has been dimpled into the keyway. Whats the best way to remove the nut, and also what should I do to add the dimple when I put on a new axle nut? ... Read more

Replacing Axle Seal And Bearings In 1992 Isuzu Rodeo Rearend And Cant Pull Axle Shaft Out

Need to know where the snap ring is to release the axle shaft if there is one at all. I loosend up all the back plate bolts for the brakes and the axle shaft still wont slide at all.. Help please ... Read more

How Do I Remove A 1993 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible Rear Axle

I removed the 4 torx bolts that appear to hold on the rear axle but the whole assembly; axle, shoes, and wheel cylinder comes off. Is the axle pressed into that assembly? ... Read more