Question About How To Open Hood Of Bmw X3


How To Get The Hood Of A 97 BMW Z3 Roadster Up

Asked on Aug 15, 2009 We can get the hood up enough to feel the latch but it is like something snapped. You can press it down all day. I need to get under there and fix my radiator. If you know any idea as to how to get it off ... Read more

Problem on Dented Hood On 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Asked on Aug 15, 2009 My hood got pushed open to far all the way against my windshield and it created a ding on the top edge of the hood. Cosmetically it's no problem, but now the top edge in middle of the hood near the wiper panel is bent down. ... Read more

How To Open The Hood Of 2000 BMW 323i Sedan Manually

Asked on Aug 16, 2009 My Kid Left The Key On The Engine And I Shut It. Any way I can do this without harming the car itself? I can see what looks to be the hook release inside, but I am not sure if that is the right way. ... Read more

Carbon Fiber Hood For Bmw Z3

Asked on Aug 7, 2010 Does anyone know where I can purchase a carbon fiber hood for bmw z3 1997. I search all over the place but i cannnot find anything. Or maybe a place where they sell z3 parts and accessories. THanks ... Read more

Can I Put A Non Bmw Battery In An 1997 Bmw Z3

Asked on Apr 8, 2010 I have a 1997 bmw z3 and it has a bmw "old fashioned" looking battery with the water holes, etc. I want to put a more higher performance optima or the like because i have stereo amps and other accessories. ive read on some bmw sites ... Read more

How Much Is A Bmw Brake Job

Asked on Apr 7, 2011 Does anyone know the cost of a bmw brake job (pads and rotors) with labor would cost in california from a bmw dealer? 2005 bmw 545 i ... Read more

BMW Crankshaft Position Sensor

Asked on May 20, 2010 I read the list of faults found in my flood damaged 2000 BMW M5, and the CPS was mentioned. I now have two questions regarding this part: 1. Will a CPS from a 2002 M5 work in my 2000? 2. Could this be causing a rough idle/shut off ... Read more