Question About How To Know Your Thermostat In Your Car Goes Bad


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Can Installing The Wrong Thermostat Cause A Car To Suddenly Run Rough

I have a 1986 Chrysler LeBaron and it normally runs just great, but today I installed a 180 degree thermostat in it, as the old thermostat stopped working and the car was running too hot. However, when I removed the old thermostat, I noted that ... Read more

How To Remove The Thermostat Of A 1996 Buick Regal 3.1L V6

The thermostat is not easy to achieve because the air supply and exhaust manifolds (I) think you block the thermostat is not reached. I really need help figuring out how I can remove parts, so I can easily reach the thermostat. Dank.Ich follow the radiator hose ... Read more

Should Goodyear Change Thermostat Anytime A Water Pump Is Replaced

Charged me $400 to replace water pump on 93 aerostar. Made it five miles to work before it overheated, had it towed back and now they tell me it needs a thermostat. You would think a pressure test would have told them I needed ... Read more

How To Properly Replace The Thermostat On A 94 Ford Ranger

We replaced the thermostat already, but the truck was running hot, not sure if the thermostat is faulty or if we have installed incorectlly it. ... Read more

Where Is The Thermostat On A 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I took the top two main hoses off from the motor where they come from the radiator but don't see the thermostat. Takes too long for the car to warm up so I think my thermostat is sticking. ... Read more

Any Tips For Replacing A Thermostat In A 2000 Mazda Protege

My girl's car is repeatdly overheating, even though the coolant level is fine and not leaking radiator. I guess it's the thermostat. I'm pretty handy with a spanner. Is this a job that I can do myself? What tools do I need? Where is the thermostat ... Read more

Does A Car Need To Have A Thermostat

If you live in a warm place like Miami, is your car must have a thermostat? So if I have a thermostat, could this be the reason a temperature gauge in my car, that is increasing almost all way to the top even though there is ... Read more