Question About How To Install Small Block Chevy Hei Distributor


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Does Anybody Know What The Hole In Block Behind The Distributor Is For On A 327 Chevy Engine

1960's 327 chevy small block engine. Hole on top of block behing the distributor. Not part of the intake manifold. ... Read more

Stock Small Block Chevy Total Timing

1972 Chevelle 350, Freshly rebuilt engine... completely. However, just stock parts. No performance parts in there at all except exhaust and simple bolt ons. With that being said, the sticker said to get it to 6 degrees BTDC @ 600RPM. Has an HEI distributor in there (MSD) and ... Read more

Is A Small Block Chevy 400 Strong Enough For Forced Induction

I have a 1979 chevy small block 400 cid motor and am going to twin turbo charge the truck. somebody mentioned to me that because of the displacement that the cylinder walls were to thin for high boost or high nitrous applications. the engine ... Read more

1979 351 Windsor Stock Distributor Gear Diameter

I am having a problem installing my distributor. I am rebuilding a 79 351 windsor using stock parts except for the distributor. It is a Mallory distributor. When I try to install the distributor it gets caught up and won't seat all the way on ... Read more

Small Block Chevy Starter Compatibility

As many of you know, there are a lot of parts that are interchangable on Small block chevy engines. Is there a web site showing the specifications of the starters? I use the parrallel bolted starter with the smaller flywheel. I am looking for one ... Read more

Where Can I Find Good Parts To Replace Stock On A 1990 Chevy 350 Small Block

Im trying to get more out of my engine to give it better street performance but i cant seem to find good places to get 350 parts, mainly because i don't fully know what i should be looking for so i need any information that will ... Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Smallblock And Bigblock Engine

The new LS7 engine by GM (in the Corvette Z06) is 427 cubic inches. Why is this a small block when the previous 427 was a big-block engine? What is the difference in the set up of the engines? I know that the ... Read more