Question About How To Install A Distributor In Nissan Frontier


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2002 Nissan Frontier Distributor Does Not Turn

Driving down the highway and just quit running! Cranks normal but distributor is not turning, would it be a gear on the distributor or timing belt or chain? Thanks Pat ... Read more

2001 Nissan Frontier Cc Se V6 HEADERS

I have a 2001 nissan frontier cc v6 automatic... i have already put borla exhaust and k&n air intake and throttle body spacer on it... and i was thinking about putting some headers on it... i looked and nismo doesnt make any... so has anybody in the past put any ... Read more

98 Nissan Frontier, Is There A Seal Under The Distributor Cap…is It A Gasket Or Glue

98 Nissan Frontier, is there a seal under the distributor it a gasket or glue??? ? ... Read more

How Do You Lower A 1999 Nissan Frontier 2wd Extra Cab

I have a 1999 Nissan Frontier 2wd. I want to lower it about 2 inches. I want to put 17" factory escalade wheels on it, and make it look like they fill the fender up. I am guessing I need drop spindles and to reverse the ... Read more

Trying To Replace Brake Rotors On A 2000 Nissan Frontier

4wd 6 cylinder frontier, the caliper is off, the pads are out, and i took the hub cover off im not sure if i need to disassemble the hub any more or or if i just need to bang the crap out of it till it ... Read more

I Have A 2000 Nissan Frontier CrewCab

I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier crew cab. . . and I want to make a light bar on the roof of the car. . . I was looking at Carr light bars. . . but I do not know what exactly is because they have ... Read more

Where Is The Knock Sensor On A 98 Frontier

Where exactly is the knock (detonation ) sensor on a four cylinder 1998 Nissan Frontier? ... Read more