Question About How To Hook Up A 400 Watt Kenwood Amp


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If I Have Two 400 Watt Rms Subwoofers What Size Amp Do I Need

I have two kenwood subwoofers that are 1400 watt max/400 watt rms, if I want to hook these up what specifications on the amplifier do I need? ... Read more

How Can I Hook Up My Car Speakers To A 1000 Watt Kicker Amp

I have a kicker l5 15 and a kicker 1000 watt amp. i also have kenwood 6x9's and 6 1/2's. im wondering if i can hook everything up to the same amp and how without blowing anything up or would buying another amp be safer? ... Read more

What Is The Best Woofer Match To A 4OHM 500 Watt RMS Amplifier

I have a 500 Watt RMS (4ohm bridged) stereo amplifier that I need to hook up to a woofer. Problem is I can't figure out which woofer to go for. Would a 600 watt sub be too much for the amp ? Also -> If I ... Read more

What Type Of Amp Should I Buy

I have 3 12 inch kenwood subwoofers. Each of them have a 1200 watt peak power, 800 watt max power, and 400 watt rms. I currently do not have them hooked up to my car but i do have a kenwood 1800 watt amplifier. I am ... Read more

Polk DXI 2 12 Subs And A Kenwood Amp Good Setup

I just got 2 12" polk DXI 124 subwoofers (says 4ohms). The specs are, Power Handling: 720 watt max power. 360 watt rms. This is for each subwoofer. I got a Kenwood KAC-7205 1000watt max power amplifier. Its rated 170watt rmsx2(4 OHMS). 250 watt rms x2 (2 ... Read more

How To Hook Up Amp Kit And Otha Questions

Okay i have a 400 watt kenwood amplifier and a 10 inch punch subwoofer and i was woundering do u think it would sound good and can sum1 post a video on how to put the amp kit together im kinda elitert lol c but thanx ... Read more

What Is A Good Setting For A 1200 Watt Kenwood Amplifier

I have a 1200 watt kenwood amp that is powering 2 1000 watt kenwoods subs. I recently got a new car and had just the amp installed first. I want to know what is good setting for my amp. There are 4 differents ones: lpf, bass ... Read more