Question About How To Do Coolant Flush Ford Escort


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Ok Draining My Radiator Part 2 The Engine Drain Plugs

Can I access them without lifting up the car. Or will it be easier to lift the car? Trying to ask someone with experience with this. Because I did this in a class but we didn't drain it from the engine. And now I think my ... Read more

Is It Possible To Flush The Engine Coolant Without A Garden Hose

I need to empty the coolant in my 1993 ford probe, but I live in an apartment, so a garden hose is out of the question. Is there another way? ... Read more

How To Locate Engine Block Drain Plug For Coolant And How To Disconnect The Lower Radiator Hose

1994 Ford Escort LX 1.9 L 4Cyl with 142,000 miles and going. In process of: flushing coolant, new hoses, new thermostat. Haynes Repair Manual says there is a engine block drain plug to get the rest of the coolant out but no photo. Please describe where/what ... Read more

Should I Worry About Check Coolant Light On My Dash

I have 2 / 3 can Bars Leak Radiator Stop Leak in my 1993 Ford Escort as antifreeze steam was coming in my oven. Now that I left off this potion of the steam but the "check coolant" light was added. I have enough coolant in ... Read more

How Do I Find Out The Dimensions Of The Spline On A Ford Escort Driveshaft

I am developing a race buggy and use the ford escort driveshafts i want to make my own rear hubs (lighter ,better material etc) but i need the exact dimensions of the spline any help would be appreciated ... Read more

How To Take Off The Lower Hose To Flush Coolant On A 1997 VW Jetta 2

I Have a 1997 VW Jetta 2.0, the question is how do you take off the lower hose to flush the coolant, thanks for the answer....! ... Read more

How Do I Change The Oil Filter On A Ford Escort

I have a 1998 Ford Escort Sport, auto Transmission and I need to change the oil filter but don't know where it is! ... Read more