Question About How To Check Distributor Cap 97 Ford Escort


Information In Taking A Part 89 Ford Escort Distributor To Get The Distributor Pickup Out.

Asked on May 17, 2010 Information in taking a part 89 ford escort distributor to get the distributor pick-up out.? ... Read more

Does A 99 Ford Contour SE Have A Distributor Rotor Or Cap Or Did Ford Already Phase That Out By 1999

Asked on May 31, 2010 I know that new cars do not have a distributor cap but I do not know about a V6 1999 Ford Contour SE. I am looking to adust the cap to change the timing so I can move the car and have the chain replaced ... Read more

1978 Ford LTD II 302 V8. Turns Over, Won’t Start. What Is An Easy Way To Check If Timing Chain Is Intact

Asked on Aug 13, 2010 Gets fuel, but I haven't checked it it gets spark yet. Just in case, what is an easy way to check to see if the timing chain is OK? I thought of two things: one is to pull the rocker cover off one side and see ... Read more

Ford Explorer ’98 Distributor Cap

Asked on Jun 21, 2010 Does anybody knows how to troubleshoot the distributor cap on a ford explorer? I changed the spark plugs and wires twice and my truck still rattles. Your help will be appreciated Thank You ... Read more

Where Do The Spark Plugs Go On The Distributor Cap

Asked on Jun 28, 2010 I've got them all mixed up, its a V8 5.0L, 4 Sparks Plugs On The Left exhaust manifold, 4 Spark Plugs On The Right exhaust manifold allll supposed ta be going to the distributor cap. To What Place On The Distributor Cap Do They Go =) Front ... Read more

Ford Aspire Distributor Cap

Asked on Jun 20, 2010 My ford aspire is running hard . I replaced the spark plugs and wires , but still ran hard . When i looked under the hood while it was running , i could see it sparking on the outside of the distributor cap . When it ... Read more

Tightening Up The Distributor Cap Seems To Have Cured Most Or All Of The Car’s Problems

Asked on May 31, 2010 Can the Difference between "Loose Cap, oh no i need Wires, the Distributor is bad, etc" and tight Cap be THAT Drastic? It seems to be on mine.. Now i turn the key and it -Instantly- Starts! Like, at the time or before the key even goes ... Read more