Question About How To Check Distributor Cap 97 Ford Escort


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Broken AC In 98 Escort

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Ford Taurus Distributor Cap

I have a 2000 ford Taurus my check engine light is on. I got it diagnosed they said I have a cylinder misfire. They said check my distributor cap. I called auto zone to see how much a distributor cap costs and they said my car ... Read more

How Do I Find Out The Dimensions Of The Spline On A Ford Escort Driveshaft

I am developing a race buggy and use the ford escort driveshafts i want to make my own rear hubs (lighter ,better material etc) but i need the exact dimensions of the spline any help would be appreciated ... Read more

How Do I Change The Oil Filter On A Ford Escort

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95′ Ford Escort 1.8 L. Shift Problems

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1986 Ford Escort Axle Removal

I need to remove the axle/halfshaft on my 86 escort, i have removed the brakes and hub assembly, and now all thats left is the axle? but ive never done it before. what do i do to pull it out?? ... Read more