Question About How To Change Thermostat Buick Roadmaster


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Where Is The Oil Filter Located On A 1995 Buick Roadmaster Sedan

I looked under the hood and under my car (of course I could not push it under the whole way, because it sits so low) but I did not want to see where is the oil filter. I wound up taking it to Walmart, rather than ... Read more

How Do You Change A Thermostat On A 2003 Buick Rendezvous

This one seems a little tricky to me just wondering if anybody had any advice or a link with some diagrams. Thanks. ... Read more

How To Remove The Thermostat Of A 1996 Buick Regal 3.1L V6

The thermostat is not easy to achieve because the air supply and exhaust manifolds (I) think you block the thermostat is not reached. I really need help figuring out how I can remove parts, so I can easily reach the thermostat. Dank.Ich follow the radiator hose ... Read more

How Do You Remove The Housing On A 91 Buick Roadmaster To Replace Tail Light Bulb

I opened the rear door and removed two screws that seemed to be holding in the housing but it still will not come out. It's almost as if there's some kind of clip or something still holding it in place. Any ideas would be ... Read more

What’s The Difference Between GM’s 180hp 350 And Its Successor The LT/1

I'm looking into a '92 Buick Roadmaster with the 180hp 350. I'd like to know if that engine can ultimately be upgraded to LT/1 spec, or if the LT/1 is a unique block, i.e. one cast for roller lifters and cams, and the other isn't. If ... Read more

Where Is The Thermostat Housing On A 2002 Buick Century Custom

MY 2002 Buick Century Custom was overheating after about 5 minutes the car is on, I'm sure it's the thermostat but I am where it is. ... Read more

Are Roadmaster Speakers Decent

Question: Are Roadmaster Speakers Decent, Ok i know road master speakers are crap compared to sony, pioneer, alpine, and etc. but if i just want to hear music in my car which at the Moment as no radio. would the roadmaster Speakers i bought be ok ... Read more