Question About How To Change Spark Plugs On A 1999 Lincoln Continental


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How Do You Change Out The Spark Plugs On A 91 Lincoln Continental

This is a v 6 and we cant seem to get to any of the spark plugs. I called to see how much it would cost for a shop to do it and it was 86 dollars. Surly there is a way to get these in ... Read more

Where Can I Find Performance Parts For A 2002 Lincoln Continental

I'm looking to find a good source to buy performance parts for my 2002 Lincoln Continental. Also does anyone know off hand if bolt on mods made for Mustangs with the same 4.6 L DOHC engine are cross compatible? And do they make a super or ... Read more

1994 Lincoln Continental Sensors Not Working

My lincoln continental just got the exhaust and head gaskets fixed and now the speedometer stays at 0mph, everything else works (like the milage,gas, miles till empty, etc). Also the Anti-lock brake light is staying on. What could be done to fix the problem, and is ... Read more

Parts For 1947 Lincoln Continental

My father has a 1947 Lincoln Continental and I'm trying to help him find parts for it. Hemmings, etc. has been no help. We're looking for a distributor cap, ignition wire set, etc. Any help???? THANKS! ... Read more

Where Can I Find Performance Parts For My ’93 Lincoln Continental

Where can i find performance parts for a 1993 lincoln continental? I'm mainly looking for 50 state legal manifolds,and Stainless steel exhaust systems,headers. Also Is there any place that sells crate engines for lincolns? ... Read more

The Check Engine Light Flashes Like 40 Times And Then Goes Off Lincoln Navigator

It is a 1998 lincoln navigator just recently started to miss I that it was the spark plugs because I havent replace it since new (190000) later I change the spark plugs any ways it did't make a difference so I check all the coils ,..nathing ... Read more

Where Is The Thermostat Located On A 1996 Lincoln Continental

I need a detailed diagram to show me where the thermostat on my 96 Lincoln Continental is located. ... Read more