Question About How To Change Spark Plugs 2006 Pontiac Wave


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How Can You Tell Its Time To Change Spark Plugs

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I just need to know how to get the spark plugs out... Update: I pulled the spark plug wires off, and where the bolt would be, there is a black plastic cap-like thing.... also, is there any reason why the belts would have just come off after running ... Read more

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How Do You Change Spark Plugs

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Is It Time To Change Out My Spark Plugs

I installed bosch platinum spark plugs in my 1994 honda civic ex in the summer of 2006. I drive about 15,000 miles a year on average, so it it time to change them now and if not, how long do i have left? ... Read more

How Hard Is It To Change Spark Plugs On A 2000 Pontiac Montana

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