Question About How To Change A Knock Sensor 1999 Infiniti G20


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How Can I Install My 1999 Honda Civic Knock Sensor

My 1999 honda civic ex knock sensor is bad and I should change it. I'm not sure if i can do it with the intake manifold being installed or i should loose intake manifold first to have access to knock sensor? what's the easiest way to ... Read more

How To Install A Knock Sensor

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What Are The Consequences Of Knock Sensor Defective In Nissan Quest 1999

My car is VAN NISSAN Quest 1999, there is a light says "Service engine soon". The PCM has determined that a malfunction exists in the electrical circuit for knock sensor 1. Probable Causes: 1. knock sensor defective 2. Ignition system fault-spark plugs,ignition wires, coil 3. Vacuum ... Read more

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First off, just how many knock sensors does this car have, and where the heck is it, I tried looking all over and still can't find it. My SES light came on and said the knock sensor was the problem, I'm scared that if I don't ... Read more

My Knock Sensor Is Out, Should I Use Premium Gas

Replacing the knock sensor will cost several hundred dollars, so it will take me several paychecks to save enough money to have this fixed. I have heard that premium gas causes less knocking/ pinging, so should I use premium in the mean time? Or does the ... Read more

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