Question About How To Change A Distributor Cap On A 97 Chevy Silverado


How Do I Set The Timing On My Engine’s Distributor Cap

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Car Shaking, What Can The Reason Be

Asked on Aug 12, 2010 The distributor and the cables are fine. how likely is it to have a bad distributor cap? the car check engine light is on. the reading gives a misfire on cylinder 1. what can i do to diagnose the problem? is this a good strategy? *change the ... Read more

Spark Plugs And Distributor Cap

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Chevy Distributor Cap Corrosion

Asked on Jun 16, 2010 I have a 97 Chevy Express Van that just started running real rough. I got a code P0300 (random cylinder misfire). The distributor cap contacts are corroded with a white powder coating and the tip of the rotor is green. The cap and rotor are only ... Read more

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Hi I Need Help With The Chevy Firing Order On The Distributor Cap

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 I know its 18436572 but i have a hei distributor with vacuum advance and i was wondering would you where i can find like a diagram of the distributor cap so i can connect the spark plug wires. my distributor is not points style its hei ... Read more