Question About How To Bypass Ford%E2%80%99s Pats Ant Theft System


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How Do I Manualy Disarm A 1996 Ford Mustangs Pats System

I recived a 1996 Ford mustang from a soldier who was going down range. He had lost the key to the mustang and sold it to me. I removed the ignition and tried to start the vehicle, but the anti theft system prevents me ... Read more

Ford Focus PATS System

How can i tell if my 00 focus zx3 has a PATS encrypted key? It looks like a regular key. I have been having ignition problems and jamming. It would turn over after tapping on it. Now the key turns and the lights come on but ... Read more

How To Reset Anti Theft System On 2000 Ford Excursion

Theft light blinks fast when ignition turned on. Have 3 keys that all worked and now none work. ... Read more

Help I Can’t Turn The Key In My 2004 Ford Mustang. Any Idea Why

We have a 2004 Ford Mustang convertible that we just took out of winter storage. It was driven this weekend and this morning with no problems, but suddenly I can't turn the key in the ignition! A little red light that says "theft" flashes, but I ... Read more

The AC In My 1994 Ford F150 Failed Anyone Know How To Bypass

The AC compressor in my 1994 f150 xlt 5.8 lt has locked up and when i tried to drive it got so hot it was glowing red , is there a way to run the belt so I can just bypass the AC ? I am ... Read more

Can’t Get 1997 Ford Expedition To Start…

I recently replaced the heater core in my expedition but now cant get the car started. I believe the issue is related to the theft system. When I turn my ignition to "on" all the lights come on for the check except the theft light. In ... Read more

How Hotwire 1997 Ford Taurus

My 1997 Ford Taurus ignition lock won't start my car. When I put the key in and turn, it feels like it has no resistance and feels like its broke. I work about a 1:50 mins from my house and need to hotwire it to get ... Read more